The Benefits

There are so many benefits in relation to riding off road bikes. Here are a few:

Amongst many of the benefits your probably aware of, there is one I'd like to share with you in particular.

I teach a young lad who has been diagnosed with ADHD, he was struggling with school and his attendance poor. Bottom learning sets and no focus. -Riding off road bikes has seen him focus his energies into achieving goals. not only on a motocross bike but also in school too. After the school called me in to discuss how LDR could help in the class room he now has 100% attendance, he has moved up in school class sets and is also enjoying learning and achieving. His mum and teacher are extremely pleased with him and are looking forward to a productive school career

For road riders learning off road, your benefits will be visual awareness, throttle and clutch control, braking control, the ability to learn the bike over, slow speed control, cornering and going over uneven ground. Confidence and control on slippery surfaces.

For Race School Riders your benefits are endless, when your aim is to win your track speed is important. But with speed you must be in control each and every lap. Race Preparation, Track Walks, Circuit Line Choices. Technique and Positioning. For most people who ride an off road bike they think that the most important thing is being the fastest person in a straight line. Unfortunately it's not that simple. Anyone can go fast in a straight line, it's the parts of the track that link those easy bits that make a difference.

Whether you're someone who has never ridden a motorbike before, or someone who is looking for multiple championship success, Lee Dunham has a wealth of experience and knowledge to guide you through easy steps to increase confidence and enjoyment and ultimately push you up the progression ladder.

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